As a conclusion to this mini-diatribe on the value, authority, and accuracy of non-Scripture-equivalent prophecy, I’d like to make a couple of comments.

1. Regardless of anything a prophecy says, Jesus and his death and resurrection remain the central point of our faith. As Revelations 19:10 says: the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. If a prophecy seems accurate in every way and yet leads us away from the centrality of Jesus and the cross, chuck it out (see also Deut 13:1-3).

2. On the question of prophecy and spiritual gifts, cessationists and continuationists are a lot closer than they often realise in practice. Unfortunately, it is when the matter is discussed that positions are often hardened on either side and unbiblical and rash conclusions are jumped to and the distance between the two widens.

3. For those who care about these things, yes, I did at times mix up “prophecy” and “prophesy” and used them in the wrong place.

4. I now know why I do better when I write within a short period of time. When it’s dragged out I forget what I’ve done previously and I “lose the muse”. Hopefully some sense can be made out of what I’ve written.

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