The Blue Umbrella is the theatrical short of the Disc 1 Special Features for Monsters University. It is a clever boy meets girl piece featuring inanimate objects in the busy streets of a human city.

Only 6+ minutes long, this mini-film has no time for a complex story line, yet neither is it too simple. It involves two umbrellas who meet at a pedestrian crossing, and, despite their best efforts and the good-hearted help of various city fixtures, they fail to stay together. The solution? Mere understated human happenstance, which leaves us with the feeling of a “meant to be” beginning rather than a closed book ending.

There is no dialogue, a lovely musical score and real life cinematography manipulated to provide the personalities of the piece. A real pleasure to watch (and incidentally better than the movie it accompanied).

(Though second time through it wasn’t so bad).

(Monsters University I mean).

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