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7 Truths for Evangelism.

Category: God and Church
Published: Monday, 06 July 2015
Written by The Kiwi


Roger Carswell draws 7 truths from Ecclesiastes 11:1-6 in the last chapter of his book, "And Some Evangelists" about sowing the gospel in order to reap.

They're good because they are so commonsense.

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I like this.

Category: Main Blog
Published: Sunday, 05 July 2015
Written by The Kiwi

I like this at

I didn't at first.

I only saw the first frame and I assumed that only a person who doesn't know any gay people would need to make that declaration.

But then I read the rest.

I like it.

(For the record, it's a similar idea to what I was attempting here, i.e. using a situation to speak the gospel to someone).

Go read it.

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Links, links, links.

Category: Main Blog
Published: Saturday, 04 July 2015
Written by The Kiwi

1. An interesting take. We see the planets in our night sky. Pretty cool.

2. A prayer for where we find ourselves.

3. Withering Wives.

Brownies: Helping Hands.

Category: I'm Registering an Opinion
Published: Thursday, 02 July 2015
Written by The Kiwi


Brownies: Helping Hands by Caroline Palisted, illustrated by Katie Wood.

What it's about:

Katie, Ellie, Charlie, Jamila and Grace are best friends who've recently joined the Brownies. Have you heard of the Brownies? They are the group for younger members of the Girl Scout Movement, though that group has different names in different countries of the world.

And that's what these girls and their Brownies group are going to learn about for "Thinking Day"!

What is it like?

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Love, Broken Mirrors and Love.

Category: God and Church
Published: Tuesday, 30 June 2015
Written by The Kiwi


It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. (NIV)

A boy is bouncing a ball in his father’s up-market shop full of expensive ornaments. His father asks him to stop bouncing the ball – he can play with it outside a little later. The boy disobeys, and in a few minutes he has smashed a valuable mirror worth $10 000.

The father still loves the boy as much as before. The boy’s disobedience has not affected how much his father loves him, because the father’s amount of love for the boy does not vary according to what the boy does or doesn’t do. But the boy has broken a $10 000 mirror that now needs to be replaced, and he has broken his father’s trust by disobeying, and that needs repairing.

Letter to an MP re. Same-Sex Marriage.

Category: I'm Registering an Opinion
Published: Monday, 29 June 2015
Written by The Kiwi

After holding off, I finally decided to criticise the sample letter put out by the "Gospel in Society Today Committee" of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland. (See the comments section under Nathan Campbell's post for my criticisms). As expected, I was challenged to provide an example of a letter that had all of the characteristics I think are missing from the sample letter.

I don't really want to write one.

I think the letter from "leaders of Australia's major religions" is a good one, though it comes from a Judeo-Christian-Islamic point of view as opposed to a specifically Christian point of view.

I guess, though, I said I'd do it, so I've made an attempt. Below you'll find a quick explanation as to why I wrote the letter the way I did, and then the letter itself.

I'm open to criticism.