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The Fans o' Blowin'.

Category: Bedtime Stories We Have Told Published: Wednesday, 04 June 2014 Written by The Kiwi

Written by Daddy for Kylie and Jack.

Once there was a town called Blowin. Why was it called Blowin? It was called Blowin because the wind in that town was always blowing! Lots of people went to live in the town and found it all too much and moved away again, but other people just loved it and they were the ones who stayed. The people of Blowin absolutely loved the wind. They loved the way it messed up their hair. They loved the way it blew the trees. They loved the way they had to lean into the wind at a 45 degree angle just to walk up the main street. As far as they were concerned, Blowin was paradise.

One day, however, the wind stopped blowing.

No one knew why, and no one knew what to do about it. If you want to get out of the wind when it’s blowing, all you have to do is go inside, or hide behind a tree or wall or something. Of course, no one in Blowin wanted to get out of the wind. They even had fans in their houses so they would feel a breeze inside! But what do you do if the wind is not blowing and you want to get into it?

Well, the townsfolk got together at the top of the main street to talk about it. While they were talking, they all felt a bit hot, so a man who lived in one of the houses nearby turned on his fan and brought it outside. He faced it down the main street and someone shouted back up, “I feel fans o blowin 2 20140504 1190623761a breeze!”

Everyone turned and looked at the man and at his fan, and then rushed inside to bring their fans outside as well. Soon there were hundreds of fans facing down the main street and everyone rushed out to feel the familiar buffeting they had moved into Blowin to enjoy. It was great! It was wonderful!

It was too wonderful. There were so many fans that the wind was even stronger than normal, and people felt themselves being pushed down to the bottom of the street. And so strong was the blowing from the fans that they couldn’t get back to the top!

Well, this was a problem in itself, but wouldn’t you know, the natural wind that Blowin usually enjoyed began again, making the air rushing down the main street even stronger than it was with just the fans!

An old woman put her head out of her window and lost her teeth. “My teesh! My teesh!” she cried. Of course, no one could hear her because there was too much wind.

An old man put his head out of his window and lost his glasses. “My glasses! I can’t see!” he shouted. No one could hear him either, because the wind carried his words away as well.

A little boy walked out on to a balcony and all his clothes were blown away! “Look at me! I’m a rudie-nudie!” he called out with a big smile on his face. People couldn’t hear what he said, but they could see what had happened! His mother was very embarrassed.

Doors flew down the street. Lamp posts bent over. Cars started rolling into each other. It was a mess! And still no one could get up the street to turn the fans off.

Then someone (I think it was my daughter) had an idea. Let’s turn off the electricity to the whole town. So they rushed off and turned all the power off, and the fans stopped working. All that was left was the normal wind, and of course, they dealt with that every day. Everyone rushed up the street to take their fans back inside and then breathed a huge sigh of relief. The perfect blowing wind was back.

The mayor called a meeting of all citizens. He got up on a platform and said, “Thank the Lord that the real wind is back. Let us remember this day every year. I now pronounce this day, ‘The Day of the Big Blow’.” Everyone thought that was a great idea, and went around blowing on each other’s faces saying, “Happy Big Blow Day”. Then they threw a party that lasted seven days. On the eighth day, everyone tidied up and looked forward to getting back to work.

On the ninth day, the wind

stopped again.

Now what could they do?

(Daughter’s idea: They could put the fans on again, but not as many. Then they could tie someone to a fan so that if the natural wind started blowing again, he could turn off the fans so that there wouldn’t be too much wind. The townspeople could bring him food so that he didn’t have to leave.

Daddy’s contribution: When they turn the fans on, they could turn them on one at a time until they got just the right amount of wind. And the guy who was tied to the fan could take it in turn with other guys and bring his own lunch. It would be like a job for them.)


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