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Welcome to Our Asbestos Home: How we got here.

Category: Asbestos Reno Published: Monday, 28 April 2014 Written by The Kiwi.

I can’t say we got into this situation with our eyes closed. They were open, just not all the way.

In 2012 we had put an offer on a small house with a decent amount of land (approx. 800 squarAsbestose meters) and all was going fairly smoothly. And then I picked up a little booklet from work called Asebestos: Death & Magic by Donald Pitt (whoever he is). Oooohhhhhh! This is dangerous stuff.

Our problem? Pretty much the whole house we were in the process of buying was made of asbestos.

Here is a list of the asbestos on the house before we bought it:

  • The outside walls.
  • The roof (beginning to deteriorate).
  • The sewerage vent.
  • The inside walls.
  • The ceiling.
  • The hothouse out the back that became the henhouse.
  • And, if I’m right, the concrete around the downpipe.


Don\'t believe me? Check out the photographic evidence below.

Asbestos walls outside...

...and down the side outside. Every side.

The Roof. Ugly as well as deteriorating.

Not sure what the name for this is. We call it the sewerage vent. It\'s made from asbestos, similar to many water pipes under our fair city, so I\'m told.

Ignore the curtains. Apparently they are so Grandma that even Grandmas would disown them. No, look at the interior walls. Asbestos.

These are interior walls that back onto interior walls. We can't escape this asbestos.

And more interior asbestos walls.

Asbestos up there, too. The ceiling.

The hothouse/henhouse. The asbestos is covered by the green shade cloth and the washing on the line. Tricky, eh?

The I'm-pretty-sure-there-is-asbestos-in-that-concrete bit.


What this meant, of course, is that when we wanted to put up picture hooks, we’d have to think about asbestos dust…

…when we wanted to install a hot water system (we still don’t have one) we’d have to think about asbestos dust...

…when we wanted to set up our dishwasher we’d have to think about the asbestos dust the holes in the inside and outside walls would cause…

…and when we wanted to renovate we’d need to get rid of all of the asbestos walls and probably ceilings…

..and no one does that online pharmacy/font> cheap.

So we bought the house.

“Why?” you ask. I think my wife asks that, too.

Well…we were on a budget. My wife wanted an 800sq/m block and I didn’t see how we were going to get that anywhere else for the money we were able to spend.

The house is literally 2 minutes from where I work.

And I thought we could overcome the asbestos. Sure, it would be difficult. It would be extra work. It would slow us down. At times it would be downright depressing! But I knew we could do it.

This blog is a record of what we have done and where we are up to.

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