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God's great work of gender - A statement of intent.

Category: Main Blog Published: Tuesday, 12 July 2016 Written by The Kiwi


Invectives, cries of foul play, passionate pleas for others to support one side or the other. It's all been happening in the CCB (conservative, Christian blogosphere). 

The issue? The Trinity. But not the Trinity as a whole, rather, the relationship between God the Father and God the Son. Is it right to speak of authority, submission and hierarchy between these two members of the Godhead? One side says yes (with varying degrees of qualification); the other side says no (with very little qualification).

I can't be bothered linking to the many, many articles on either side of the debate. I'll just provide links to three articles by Mark Baddeley (nos. 3, 4, and 5 out of a series) and one by Steven D. Boyer. Both men are extremely helpful as you work through nuances. But, you may ask, what does this have to do with gender?

Well, everything, in this case.

This whole brouhaha came about because the agitators (a value-neutral word) claim that those teaching an eternal submission of God the Son to God the Father are drawing on that authority-submission relationship to teach the eternal submission of women to men. These complementarians (because all the main players on either side of this thing claim that label) say no to the submission of women outside of marriage and the Church, no to eternal and ontological submission of women, and no to using the Trinity to shed light on the whole question of buy antibiotics online gender.

Which is a problem for me because, before this blew up, I was wanting to write a post about the biblical anthropology of buy antibiotics online gender derived from the longest passage on the topic in the New Testament - 1 Corinthians 11:2-16. Now I have to explain why it is biblically appropriate to use the Trinity to shed light on gender, why gender is ontological, and why this is all a very good thing! It'll take longer (see, I'm 5 paragraphs in and haven't even started yet!), but I guess that never stopped me before.

It has stopped me now, however, because I'm too daunted by the task to take it on tonight. Consider this a bookmark or a statement of intent.

I will get around to writing this.

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