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Category: Main Blog Published: Saturday, 08 August 2015 Written by The Kiwi


1. Free speech not so free. Gee, it was even going to be paid for!

Here it is for free.

2. And now for something quite different...

Henry Meynell Rheam - Sleeping Beauty

An earlier, rather disturbing version of Sleeping Beauty. An earlier not-as-disturbing version of Sleeping Beauty.

(Not sure which came first, but they are both called, "Sun, Moon and Talia" and are attributed to Giambattista Basile).

HT: ABC "News".

2. Wow. Unbiased reporting! Okay. Not at all. At least there could be a pretense of objectivity.
CNN does a bit better...

Here's the Federalist's take...

And to have two from either side, here's Fox News...

3. Not sure why the Australia Gospel Coalition linked to this, but it's an interesting discussion about how homosexuality is discussed in the Church. I'm a little wary of these sort of things, because, while I readily agree that engaging with opposing views helps in the development of our own, I'm not convinced that views so far from Scripture should accepted within the Church.

I know this is not a popular notion among the academic world, but there is such a thing as too much talking.


5. Love these programmes. Sadly, there are only three, but each one is better than the last.

(The only place I know where you can watch them online is But, I believe you can buy them, too. Check out their Facebook page.)

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