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In Praise of Bad Days.

Category: God and Church Published: Monday, 17 August 2015 Written by The Kiwi

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 Does a toilet represent a bad day?

I have noticed more and more that I tend to choose the pleasant way, the secure and comfortable way - the way with the most to gain and the least amount of effort - all for a life of uninterrupted contentment and satisfaction. And should this dream of a continually pleasant life be rudely broken in upon by a "bad day", I get angry.

No, I'm not alone in this. All of us expect a good life. It is our right!!! or so we believe. But the truth is if we have no bad days, or weeks or months or even years...something's wrong.

How can I say this?

I say this because I come from the perspective that the world is not perfect and people are not perfect, and that means I am not perfect and you are not perfect i.e. everything and everyone is flawed. God calls it sin. So if everything in our life is continually running smoothly, there are only a few explanations. 

1. We are lying to others about who we are. The sin in us, the flaws, make it impossible for everything to run smoothly. An indespensible factor in a continually smooth run in life is secrecy. We hide our flaws and pretend to be what we are not. We do not confess our faults; we do not express our fears and failings; we do not let anyone see or experience who we really are - perhaps even ourselves. We are shallow.

2. We are denying ourselves contact with uncontrolled situations.  The flaws in others and in the world easily shatter efforts to create a "happily ever after" life. So if we have an endless parade of good days, we  have erected walls to keep out possible disruptive influences. Money, social circles (cliques), isolationism are all tools we use to build those walls. Anything new is to be vetted and sourced from a trusted quarter or we will distance ourselves from it. We are afraid of flaws spoiling our lives. We are cowards.

3. We are ignoring the state of other people's lives.  No matter what our life is like, there are many, many people whose lives are far from happy. If we are living in a state of uninterrupted comfort and satisfaction, we are refusing to care for other people to the extent that their pain becomes painful for us. We might help and give to charity, but we help only as long as their circumstances don't touch our life (or if they are close to us, we help because their circumstances threaten to touch our lives and we want to avoid that). We are self-centred.

So, rejoice in bad days. God is exposing our flaws and encouraging us to find solace and strength and forgiveness in Him. Jesus came so that we can change from being a shallow, self-centred cowards into a real human being along the lines of His original design.

And then when he takes all flaws/sin from the world and remakes all perfect, that is when the endless good days begin.

Originally written in 2006.

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