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Christians and Money.

Category: God and Church Published: Monday, 10 August 2015 Written by The Kiwi


What do you think of this message? You'll need to wait a moment to go through the whole series of pictures.

This link was sent to me some years ago by Glenn who suggested it may provide inspiration for a post. Well, here are the thoughts that come from it...

1. Yes, we rich Christians should steward our money better. There will come a day when God will require an account from us for what we have done with the resources He gave us. Spending money on trinkets, expensive goods and huge church buildings when we could use that money to help people who are hungry is something Jesus is likely to ask us about. I personally could do better.

2. But Jesus does not teach that we should never spend money on trinkets, expensive goods and huge church buildings. In fact, in one place Jesus rebuked people for suggesting the poor take priority over an extravagance (regardless the motives of one of those people, the suggestion was nixed).

3. Instead, in this, as in many other areas, Jesus has allowed freedom. See the examples of giving at the beginning of the New Testament Church. Peter told Annanias that there was no obligation to give anything in Acts 5:4. The most we can do is encourage Christians to develop an approach to money and the poor informed by the Bible, led by the Spirit and with their hearts and minds fully captivated by the love of Jesus. To do otherwise lends itself to legalism dressed in social justice rather than Jesus-centred-giving. You can recognise social justice legalism because it judges people acceptable to God based on how they use their money. You can recognise Jesus-centred-giving because it judges people acceptable to God based on Jesus' death on the cross, and lovingly encourages godly use of money based on that.


I'm a little concerned, therefore, by the message at the above link. It makes a good point about stewardship, but without one mention of Jesus it is in danger of shaming people into guilt-giving rather than motivating people to give generously because of Jesus.

Still, if you can assume a biblical understanding of Christian giving in those who see them, the pictures might work.

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