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Mother and Daughter Complete the Challenge... Almost

Category: This is What Happens When Life Happens to Us Published: Friday, 03 April 2015 Written by The Emu

30 Day Colouring Challenge 001

Here we are at the tail end of the 30 Day Colour Challenge.  Actually it finished on the 2nd.  We didn't manage to to colour on Day 30, but we did manage to on Day 26 through 29.  I tried printing these Greeting Farm images on cardstock, but alas, our printer was not up to the task.  I printed them on vellum instead.  Here's how that turned out.

I can't remember which print was coloured on which day, and Kylie also coloured the same images. So days are just a best guess. I'll just list them with what we used to colour with.  (If I can remember). This is an image on vellum waiting to be coloured with my only 4 Alcohol Ink Markers. 

A 4 colour witch

Day 26 Kylie coloured with pencils.

Day 26 Kylie

Day 26 Paula coloured with Distress Markers on the back side. 

Day 26 Paula

Day 27 Kylie coloured with pencils and glossy accents.  (She has to buy the next bottle!).

Day 27 Kylie

Day 27 Paula coloured watercolour pencil, and even blended with a bit of water. 

Day 27 Paula

Day 28 Kylie coloured with Bic Markers on the back (I think).

Day 28 Kylie

Day 28 Paula coloured with Jack's Milan felt pens, again, on the back side.

Day 28 Paula

Day 29 Kylie coloured with water colour pencils.  Nice choice of colours. 

Day 29 Kylie

Day 29 Paula colured with Alcohol Ink Markers.  I had a bit of fun making this into a shaker card.  Can you see the silver sequins and stars? 

Day 29 Paula

Thank you for checking out our little colouring challenge.  I know I learnt a lot, not just about colouring, but about blogging.  So maybe you might see me here at this lil' ol blog of ours sometime soon. Thanks for stopping by. 

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