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Day 15 and 16

Category: This is What Happens When Life Happens to Us Published: Saturday, 21 March 2015 Written by The Emu

30 Day Colouring Challenge 001

So, Day 15 is the halfway mark, and if you have sneeked a peak for this long... I'm really impressed.  Kylie gets blending with a cotton tip, and I have a go at a sunset....

Day 15 Kylie

Kylie coloured these SUO's with her Mont Marte watercolour set.  Lettering is her own.  I like her colour choices, very oceany!

Day 16 Kylie

Kylie coloured this Kaszazz 'Time for Friends' stamp with Micador colour basics pencils and then she had a go at blending with a cotton tip and baby oil.  I think she liked the result.  I know I do.  I believe this card is destined for her BFF. 

Day 15 Paula

I really like watercolouring, especially with pencils.  I'm no artist, but I think the results are great.  So easy to use, just colour in and then blend with water.  And then add more colour if you need.  This SUO is so sweet, and of course, I just had to colour them to look like Dad and Jack. 

Day 16 Paula

I'm determined to get more uses from this Mama Elephant Cup of Wishes stamp set.  So this time I stamped a heart background with Ranger Archival Ink in Chrome Yellow, and the teacup and tag in Cornflower Blue.  They are the only 2 colours I have, and fortunately they complement each other.  What do you think?

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