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Hark! The Angel Advent Thing.

Category: This is What Happens When Life Happens to Us Published: Thursday, 04 December 2014 Written by The Emu

The Star Advent we've had in previous years had grown tired and old.  The rods were breaking, the edges were frayed, the concept of 25 envelopes decorated meticulously by me was wearing thin.  It was time for a change!

Tada!! Welcome the Angel Tree.  Angels are big in the Nativity Story, as are stars.  Stars lead and guide.  Angels bring good news, glad tidings, hope for a future, songs, rejoicing, and are oh so bright.  Lets face it, Angels can be fun, fun, fun!


These Angels are even better than your standard Angel.  These guys are enviro-friendly.  These guys are made from..........

toilet rolls.


I got this brilliant idea from The Frugal Crafter, a Halloween craft.  (I also used this idea for party favours for Jacks Spiderman birthday party, just quietly). However, she doesn't use toilet rolls, but rather, heavey weight paper. 


Easy Peasy.  I painted all the rolls white, stapled the bottoms, waited for Hubby to write all 25 advent events.  We make our own plan using a Nativity Stable and incorporate Saint Nicholas Day and Advent Candles, and all sorts of things as learning opportunities and activities.


I stapled and hole punched the tops, drew fun and different faces on with a sharpie, cut out 50 wings, and hot glued them to the back, put white thread through, and then spritzed them all with a shimmer mist (Mister Hueys) to make them sparkly and shiny.


Then Hubby got a selection of sticks from the garden, duct taped them together, and whala! An Angel tree is born!


There are plans to make a few adjustments, with some sand, and some alfoil. But I think it turned out pretty groovy.  And the kids thought the different faces were fun.  Jack likes the one that looks like Robin, The Boy Wonder.  And Kylie likes the Musical notes faces. I think the bearded one is the most handsome.  Not sure who Hubby likes the most.


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