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How to make bouncy balls.

Category: This is What Happens When Life Happens to Us Published: Wednesday, 05 November 2014 Written by The Kiwi

We went to an awesome science fair at the museum about a week ago. Awesome. Loved it. So did the kids.

One of the activities was making a bouncy ball. I thought it was worth recording the recipe. Problem is, I'm not sure I've got it completely right. It was over a week ago!

If anyone sees a mistake, please point it out.


How to make a bouncy ball.

What you need: clag glue, food colouring, Borax (from Bunnings), a cup, a stirer (i.e. something to stir with).

What to do:

Put two tablespoons of clag glue into the cup.

Add a drop or two (or three) of food colouring.

Stir until the food colouring is totally mixed in.

Add 1 (or 2?) tsp of borax.

Leave for 5-10 seconds, then stir until it becomes solidish. It will probably stick to your stirer.

Take it out of the cup and roll it into a ball.

Go wash your hands and by the time you come back it is ready to bounce!


Our experience: The bouncy balls our kids made were not super hard and broke if you throw them hard on the floor etc. But they were still malleable enough to re-shape. In fact, the first attempt at making a ball shape was not really so successful for any of the kids there, but after a while, if you kept rolling it, it became much more "bally".

I wonder if you experimented with the amount of borax and glue whether they would set more permanently.

You also still got a bit of food colouring on your hands if you held them too long.

Lifespan: A couple of days. Got too messy.

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