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Check Out This New Card Game: Exta-Cards - Final Product.

Category: This is What Happens When Life Happens to Us Published: Friday, 19 September 2014 Written by The Kiwi

Jack and I started a new game called "Exta-Cards", the first prototype of which I wrote about here.

The photo above is how the game ended up (with Kylie's help).

This is how you play.


1. Divide your pack of cards into good guys and bad guys (for a normal pack of cards perhaps black and red). Choose leaders (the Kings?) and deputies (the Queens?). The leader is worth 3 points, the deputy is worth 2 points. All the other cards are worth 1 point.

If you have any Jokers or left-over cards, place them in the middle between the two sides. They are all worth one point. These are the "middle" cards.

2. One person takes the good guys and lays them out anywhere on the floor on one side of the playing area. The other does the same with the bad guys. You can place them anywhere, but they must be accessible to the other player.

3. The person with the bad guys begins. He takes one of his bad guy cards and throws it across the playing area trying to make it land on one or more of the good guy cards. If the card lands on a good guy card, the thrower then takes those cards "captive" and moves them - and the card they threw - back to their side. They are placed anywhere on the floor on their side.

4. If the thrown card lands on a middle card, the thrower takes both cards back to their side and can use the middle card(s) as one of their own.

5. If the thrown bad guy card does not land on any good guy or middle cards, then the person with the good guy cards takes the thrown card captive.

6. No captive card can be thrown by the captor until all their own cards are used up. Then, and only then, can captive cards be thrown.

7. The good guy now takes his turn and throws one of his cards and the game continues. Each player has only one throw per turn. They do not get to throw again if they capture the other person's cards.

8. If a thrown card lands on a captive card, both cards return to their original side. The only exception is if the captor has managed to get all the cards with the same face on their side (e.g. all the Sevens). These cards then belong permanently to that player and are stacked in a pile off to the side and are unable to be thrown or captured.

9. Middle cards are able to move from one side to the other whenever the thrown card lands on them.

10. The game continues until one person has all the cards, or the two players agree to stop. The winner is the person with the most points determined by the cards they have on their side.

And that's Exta-Cards.

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