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Check Out This New Card Game: Exta-Cards - Prototype One.

Category: This is What Happens When Life Happens to Us Published: Friday, 12 September 2014 Written by The Kiwi

First we played Connect Four.


Then we played Noughts and Crosses.


Then Jack said, "Let's play my game." And he drew this plan to explain it to me.


"You get the Buck Lightyear cards [a card game we have] and you put the bad guys [on the cards] on the red pile and the good guys on the blue pile."

"Which is the red and which is the blue?" I asked.

He showed me.

"You'd better put an 'r' next to the red pile and a 'b' next to the blue pile."

So he did.

"The men set it up," Jack said, and he wrote 'Man' at the top of the page.

"And how do you play the game?" I asked.

"You each get a card from the pile, and you fight!" he said. "You're a man, so you set it up."

So I got the cards and divided the cards into good guys and bad guys (having to make some of the good characters into honourary bad guys) and then we got a card each and fought with them as if they were swords. It turns out that the person who lost hold of their card lost that round and had to get another card.

I could see these cards would get a bashing, so I lost quite a bit to save them their dignity.

Not a bad game for a youngster, but the game we eventually ended up with and called "Exta-cards" (a name my wife cringes at) was quite different and actually pretty good.

Not that this first incarnation was terrible - just a bit hard on the cards.



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