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The Chickengate Scandal.

Category: Looking at our Backyard Published: Sunday, 16 November 2014 Written by The Kiwi

backyard chickengate 2 20141116 1322856967

See these two halves of our chicken run? Well, not halves, so much, as the perhaps third/two thirds. If our chicken run was an 'L' (as in its shape), the bottom line of the 'L' is green, the rest is dirt.

But it didn't used to be like this. Oh no. When we added our second three chickens (their previous owner raised them on meat!) the whole place became one big dirt bath.




So, what did we do?

Well, we did what other people whom Paula asked told us to do.


backyard chickengate 1 20141116 1084230364

Okay, so I'm a bit over-excited about something other people would think is pretty obvious, but it was a total accident how this gate was set up. We wanted something that would allow Paula (because she's the one driving backyard life) to get in and out of the bottom of the 'L', but also keep the chickens out of there for six weeks or so while the grass grew.

Six weeks? The chickens thought it was a scandal!

Obviously the chickens are back in there in the photo. But only at set times.

After a couple of failed attempts, I simply set up a fence using pikes and chicken wire, and because I had run out of pikes, I just pushed the chicken wire up against the wooden fence. Totally chicken proof! (Don't let that chicken in the picture fool you. She cannot get through!)

All Paula had to do was pull the chicken wire back and hook it onto the chicken wire behind it. Like so...

backyard chickengate 1 20141116 1816034640

Viola! Large enough for people and chickens (at people's discretion) to get through.

backyard chickengate 3 20141116 1232678054

Not only that, it can be a temporary chicken holding station to keep hens from wandering back into the grassy area while we sort out the other hens, like so...

backyard chickengate 2 20141116 1198679638  

And now, because of this cheap, easy, effective Chickengate, we have green back in the chicken run.

So much better (read "cheaper") than the bales of hay that were our first choice.

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