Camp Chaos

Camp Chaos (A Go Girl book).

Camp Chaos

Camp Chaos by Meredith Badger (go girl series)

What it’s about:

Sophie is a girl stuck between two friends. Megan is her oldest friend and Alice is her newest. Megan likes reading magazines, talking about clothes and make-up, and Alice likes running around and playing games. Megan doesn’t like Alice and Alice doesn’t like Megan.

Sophie find this hard enough, but when they all end up sharing the same tent at camp, things get very uncomfortable!

What is it like?


The Father’s Spirit of Sonship.

The Father’s Spirit of Sonship: Reconceiving the Trinity.


by Thomas G. Weinandy, O.F.M.Cap. Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1995.

When I first heard of Weinandy’s book, I was both excited and frustrated. Excited, because it spoke of the Spirit being integrally involved in the begetting of the Son; frustrated, because the very person I first heard about this book from had rejected a similar thesis I had put to them (the similarities of which were confirmed via a short email exchange)!

Ruffled feathers aside, I began to try to get myself a copy. The first problem: it is out of print. Second problem: the only (three) second-hand copies I could find would cost me over AU$250.00 if I bought the one in America, or over AU$400.00 if I bought one of the two in Britain! Finally I decided on a course of action with a fair amount of cheek – I contacted Father Weinandy himself. Fortunately for me, he thought $400 was too much for 160 pages and managed to get a copy to me for much, much less. Thank you Father Tom.

His book is far better than my thesis, and far better than any of the attempts to explain Weinandy’s views found on the internet – and that will include the present one.


How to Read, “How to Train Your Dragon”.


I’m going to outline here a series of steps – a program if you like – which will enhance your reading of How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell. It might seem a bit presumptuous and patronizing to do so, but I’m only looking out for your own good. Yes, I know that last bit sounds patronizing too, but I’m serious. There’s a way to read this book that will give you lots of pleasure, and a way to read it that will have you rolling your eyes.

Here, then, is the first step on the path to reading pleasure when it comes to How to Train Your Dragon…


Whether to Read, “How to Train Your Dragon”: A Discussion for Christian Parents.

DSC06648Note: Before you read this, you might want to find out How to Read, “How To Train Your Dragon”.

You’re right. How to Train Your Dragon might be good, but is it good for your children to read if your desire is to have them grow up in a home characterised by Christian values?

Well, there are a number of reasons you may have some reservations, or even downright objections to your kids picking up these books. And there are some good reasons for your kids to get lost in them. So this is how we’ll do it. First, the bad. Then, the good. Then decision time for you and yours.