The Father’s Spirit of Sonship.

The Father’s Spirit of Sonship: Reconceiving the Trinity.


by Thomas G. Weinandy, O.F.M.Cap. Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1995.

When I first heard of Weinandy’s book, I was both excited and frustrated. Excited, because it spoke of the Spirit being integrally involved in the begetting of the Son; frustrated, because the very person I first heard about this book from had rejected a similar thesis I had put to them (the similarities of which were confirmed via a short email exchange)!

Ruffled feathers aside, I began to try to get myself a copy. The first problem: it is out of print. Second problem: the only (three) second-hand copies I could find would cost me over AU$250.00 if I bought the one in America, or over AU$400.00 if I bought one of the two in Britain! Finally I decided on a course of action with a fair amount of cheek – I contacted Father Weinandy himself. Fortunately for me, he thought $400 was too much for 160 pages and managed to get a copy to me for much, much less. Thank you Father Tom.

His book is far better than my thesis, and far better than any of the attempts to explain Weinandy’s views found on the internet – and that will include the present one.

Ponyo – the movie.

We got this movie out years ago, while Kylie was about three or four years old.

She loved it.

In fact, she loved it so much that all these years later, when she saw it in the video shop (yes, we still go there) she decided she wanted it. Thankfully, for me, it was not her turn to choose that night. 🙂

But it was Kylie’s turn to choose last night and I was pleasantly surprised.